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The use of modern electronics offers lot of opportunities to new original applications and is more and more incorporated into our modern live. If someone in the past would suggest, that an office chair would contain electronics, he would be laughed at. Nowadays it has become reality. It is a fascinating process, translating innovative ideas into new products and services. Research is partly of importance; the phase to a robust, reliable and producible solution is even of more importance. The employees of SallandElectronics experience each time this process as a challenge. Surprising inventions, practical and payable solutions, real cooperation; is gives a kick to find the appropriate answers to all the raised questions. Electronics and software is a challenging profession, our slogan is: Electronics, human powered!

Complete services

SallandElectronics can support you in any phase, whether it is: advice, development, testing, production, printed circuit board assembly, purchase or logistics. Even service and repair belong to our core competences. SallandElectronics has a wide variety of sub-contractors, which can be of your benefit to.


  • Embedded hard- and software
  • Wireless solutions
  • Low power electronics
  • Machine2 Machine communication

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