Devevelopment Laboratories


DevLab is initiated by 12 technological SMEs. (Small and Medium Enterprises). The objective is to stimulate the flow of knowledge between universities, technical colleges and the SME members in order to create mid and long term business opportunities. The DevLab initiative originates from the DevClub (Development Club), one of the clusters of the Industrial Electronics branch association of the Federation of Technology Branches FHI. More information visit DevLab


The Development Club is one of the clusters of the Federation of Technology Branches, FHI, within the branch Industrial Electronics. It is a network of approx. 45 technology companies working on product development in the field of electronics, mechatronics, embedded software and industrial design. The Development Club is the source of the idea to setup a co-operation where scientific research will be carried out, by and for the member companies. This eventually lead to the foundation in 2004 of Coöperatie DevLab, Development Laboratories, with 12 SME companies as the members. In close co-operation with universities, with a network of professors and lectors, research projects are carried out by graduating students, phd students, and employees of the member SMEs. With this concept DevLab is also partner in larger consortia, together with industry, universities and other research institutes.


1956 Foundation FHI
1994 Foundation Development Club
2002 Establishment of network of professors and lectors
2003 Special "Lemmer"-workshop formed the basis of DevLab (June 12)
2004 Formal establishment of "Coöperatie DevLab Development Laboratories" with 12 SME partners (October 12)
2005 Operational start in the Laplace building at the campus of tje TU/e (February 1)
2009 Installation of a full time managing director (March 1)


Why - the reason

The objective of DevLab and the participating SMEs is to stimulate and facilitate the circulation of knowledge between universities and the industry. The flow of knowledge enables national and international business opportunities on the long term. The demand and research definitions stem from the industry partners (knowledge/technology push), whereas the universities and other insitutes facilitate the research.

By teaming up with other SMEs, organizing themselves in the co-operation DevLab, the companies join strengths and create critical mass. This enables them to secure their (international) market position on the mid and long term. A position which is mostly based on specific technological knowledge and expertise. Where SMEs individually are too small to accomplish this, as a partner in DevLab they can keep their leading position in technology. The critical mass also enables the definition of ambitious research assignments to universities, technical colleges and other research institutes.
The DevLab concept also bridges the gap between theoretical research to practical applications in the SMEs markets.

The continuous increase of technological knowledge is attained through leading and/or participation in various projects. See our project overview.


The Internal Funding

The participating SMEs all contribute with 1% of their company wages plus a fair amount of time and energy spend at DevLab research. So, a larger SME contributes more compared to a smaller one, but in return the larger company has more potential to benefit from the spin-off from the research programs, because it will be able to involve more people into the projects. The return on the "investment" comprises the use of gained knowledge, licenses 'free of charge' and all not patentable knowledge and skills which emerge from workshops and training sessions which take place in the research programs.

DevLab is living according to the knowledge/technology push principle, which means that the participating companies determine the roadmap of research programs. The strength of SMEs is their knowledge and skills in the field of currently available and applicable technology. The strength of universities is in the field of future technologies and the strength of technological colleges is in the field of applied science. Working together in the concept of DevLab all partners are co-operating in a huge network with a vast amount of available knowledge and science.

External funding

DevLab has been started with investments of the participating companies. As the research programs started to grow, external funding has become available from a number of supporters.

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