Axia SmartChair


  • Sensors in back and seating
  • Angel sensor
  • vibration actuator
  • Wireless interface
  • Battery lifetime at least 7 years
  • User interface label


The Smart Chair is equipped with sensors and electronics to measure the posture of a user if the chair is used in Ergonomic way. Sensors in back- and seating, measures the different positions and pressure. Smart software, based on software algorithms, decides if the chair is used in the right appropriate way. The algorithms are researched and developed with the help of TU Delft, department Applied Ergonomics and Design. A vibration motor is integrated to attend the user about not sitting in the wright way. Information about the use of the chair can be seen on a label at the right side of the chair. By pressing the button once the behavior of the past hour is shown, by pressing twice the actual situation is shown. At the bottom of the label a led bar indicates a score from 1 – 5, which indicates from bad to excellent. Via a wireless interface it is possible to communicate with the chair for the user and facility manager.

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