Expertise areas

Remote control

Internet Of Things, M2M are the modern phrases, whilst SallandElectronics already has more than 15 years experience with remote monitoring and control of equipment. Accumulated more than 10.000 units produced by SallandElectronics are controlled in the Netherlands via the mobile network. One of the latets projects is integrating the SmartChair in a cloud-based solution. 

Energy efficient

A lot of attention goes to the production of energy for sustainable solutions. Even so important is reducing the consumption of products and systems. We have gained a lot of experience in building energy efficient electronics. 


SallandElectronics has developed the past 10 years a variety of systems with wireless connectivity. In the beginning the systems communicated via the mobile network, but nowadays the portfolio contains: GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, RF, BLE 4.0, 434 MHz, 838 MHz, 2.4 GHz, zigbee etc.

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